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TruAssets offers a complete array of services with everything from initial secures, trash-outs, sales cleans, lawn maintenance, landscaping and much more.

The use of industry-leading software, including mobile applications, allows for immediate work order submissions from the field. In-office preservation professionals review work quality while the vendor is completing an order to ensure accurate completion. This practice greatly decreases rejected work orders from our clients. Additional quality control processes are in place during order processing with photo detection software to prevent any potential fraudulent activity from photo documentation.

Increasing value to our clients, dedicated Account Processors are used with specific training for individual client requirements.

Our vendors enjoy industry leading weekly payments. This incentive produces accurate and on time results from field as well as vendor loyalty.

  •     Initial Service
  •     Initial Secure
  •     Interior Repairs, Verifications
  •     Roof Repair
  •     Lawn Maintenance
  •     Exterior Repairs
  •     Rush Inspection
  •     Routine Exterior
  •     Winterization
  •     Bid Request & Bankruptcy Maintenance
  •     Boarding-Interior Approval Inspections
  •     Maintenance
  •     Mold Abatement & Property Condition Maintenance
  •  Hazard Abatement & Inspections
  •     Eviction Service Remediation
  •     Conveyance Condition
  •     Debris Removal
  •     Water Intrusion
  •     Pool Securing Remediation
  •     Pool Maintenance
  •     Insurance Loss
  •     Violation Repairs
  •     Condemnation
  •     Mobile Homes
  •     Services-Bid Request/Estimate & Repairs Inspections
  •     Approval Services
  •     Demolition

We ensure quality service from the start of a defaulting loan with accurate and timely inspections.

Our inspectors undergo a rigorous training before performing any services at a property. They are required to pass a background check, provide service documentation and complete a course of practice inspections.

Our inspection services include:

  •     Exterior occupancy verification
  •     Vacant walk-through inspections
  •     Commercial inspections
  •     REO inspections
  •     Insurance loss inspections
  •     Inspector training videos
  •     Office staff trained to complete inspections in the field
  •     Quality control inspections
  •     Mobile device software for phone or tablet for quicker processing for all parties
  •     Built-in quality control detection to monitor fraudulent activity
  •     Weekly compensation via direct deposit
  •     Automatic invoicing
  •     Built-in property history
  •     Fast response times
  •     Timely communication

TruAssets seeks to onboard vendors with the capabilities and competencies to complete any type of Repair service required to restore a distressed property to its original state. Through the onboarding process, qualified vendors are required to provide proof of General Contracting License and any additional licensure to verify the vendor’s capabilities.

The proactive approach to obtaining all the required licensing ensures work will be completed on time, correctly, and conducted in a professional manner. Vendors are required to remain current on state standards for permitting requirements.

TruAssets ability to complete tenant occupied as well as vacant property repairs provides a balanced portfolio to any client requesting service.

Services offered include: Electrical, plumbing, roofing, painting, carpentry, appliance replacement, flooring, structural, and HVAC. All services include a thorough inspection before and after completion of the project.

We assist our partner realtors and agents in the preservation and maintenance of real-estate owned (REO) properties. We assess any damages or issues and perform approved work to preserve the asset. We will maintain the property throughout the life of the loan.

Services can include bi-weekly grass cuts and lawn maintenance during warmer months, winterizing the plumbing systems during colder months and performing housekeeping or monthly janitorial services. Listed below are our most common other services. If you don’t see what you require for your assets, please contact us and we will customize a solution just for you.



Securing Services

Your asset will be secured, including changing the lock(s), installing padlocks, lockboxes, sliding locks, and window locks as needed. Additionally, we will board or repairing any damaged opening allowing unauthorized entry as required by local regulations and Investor/Insurer guidelines.

Debris Removal

All exterior debris including vehicles will be removed and discarded. Any interior debris will be removed in accordance with Investor/Insurer guidelines, except for personal property which will remain until the eviction process or otherwise instructed by the asset manager.

Repairs & Estimates

A full list of repairs will be provided to prepare the asset for marketable condition. Photos will be provided of all damages and items. We will provide an estimate to complete any of the required repairs listed.