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TruAssets was founded in 2012 providing inspection, preservation, and REO services on a regional level under the leadership of its President, Steve Johnson. Steve had gained extensive knowledge of the industry and methods during his long tenure at various national preservation companies where he was tasked with managing and running multiple departments at various times in his employment.

Shortly after its inception, TruAssets reputation for quality and personal service spread. The demand for services grew and TruAssets seized the opportunity to expand is operations to a national level in 2015.

Today, TruAssets provides services in all facets of the industry including inspections, property preservation, repairs and REO. Specializing in managing GSE assets, TruAssets current portfolio includes thousands of FHA, VA, USDA, FNMA and FHLMC properties.

Meet The Team

Steve JohnsonPresident
As the President of TruAssets, Steve Johnson is responsible for administering all facets of the business, including managing the direct demands of banks and asset managers. Noticing the trend in bank owned homes, Steve launched into the industry at the cusp of the 2007 foreclosure crises and was immediately recognized by his employers for his ability to identify trends and make informed decisions where others crumbled. His insight, combined with his drive for success, facilitated the transformation of failing multi-million-dollar client portfolios into successful long term customers. The knowledge and success Steve experienced working for others prepared him to start and grow TruAssets into the leader in default loan management.
Bob JohnsonVice President
Bob Johnson holds the supportive position of Vice President at TruAssets. Prior to TruAssets, Bob supervised the operations of two nationally renowned collision repair facilities. Bob’s detail oriented approach to increasing efficiency led to implementing lean management processes. For TruAssets, Bob’s abilities translated into faster conveyance times and higher quality outputs while streamlining operations and increasing profitability.
Rob HustonVice President of Business Development
Rob is the Vice President of Business Development at TruAssets. Rob leads new business acquisitions, partnerships and key growth initiatives. Rob has extensive industry knowledge with over 11 years’ experience in the field service industry. He has been with TruAssets since its start and has worked in nearly every department prior to taking his role in Business Development. Rob works with stakeholders and clients; including other national field service companies, software providers, and even spends time in the field as a Vendor/Trainer.